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Building Your Home As Though It Were Our Own

At Almekinder Builders we’re proud to be a full service General Contractor capable of guiding you through all aspects of your new construction project.  Whether this involves the building of a new home, replacing an existing structure with a new vacation get-away or the construction of a new garage for the storage of your “toys”, we’re there for you from start to finish.

As a full service contractor, we can help you with the drawing of the designs for your project or we can work directly from your plans and with your chosen architect.   If you desire, we will assist you in finding the perfect lot for your dream project or make recommendations on how to best incorporate the beauty of your existing property into your project.  And when you give us the go ahead to begin construction we will definitely assure that all zoning ordinances are met and that the proper permits are obtained.

We do everything we can to make the construction process as transparent and simple for you as possible and this starts with the bidding process.  While others may provide you with bids or estimates for your project, we provide you with a contract price guarantee which will remain a firm price from project start to finish.  This is not an estimate.  The price we quote will not change once the project is underway unless you provide a written authorization for a revision to the original design or plan.  There are no hidden charges.  With our company you will know before the first shovel hits the ground what the final cost of your project will be.

Once construction has begun we make every effort to keep you informed on the progress we’re making and invite you to join us at the construction site to watch your dream become reality.   While under construction you will receive a monthly “job summary” outlining the progress being made, listing any revisions to the original play which you may have requested during the month and providing you with an outline of the costs to date.   Our goal is to keep you fully informed from start to finish.

We know that we will do an exceptional job in building your dream for you, but we encourage you not to take our word for it.  Before you select us or any other builder, visit our construction sites, come see our finished homes and talk with individuals who like you, had a dream and with our help they made it come true.   We’re proud of our work, they are as well and you will be too.

If you are planning a project within 45 miles of Minocqua, Wisconsin, give us a call.  There is no obligation or cost.  We’d love to talk to you and see if we can help you make your dream come true.  

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